Visual Arts

名门棋牌mds-visual-artsThe art program at Mount de Sales offers coursework that, through work in a variety of media, provides an experience in the visual arts as part of a liberal education. Students will view some of the masterworks of the past, learn about how they were made, and enjoy a broad-based experience. The 2-dimensional coursework is a great basis for an initial understanding of art as well as preparation for further study and professional work.

Students are exposed to a wide range of media and tools in the areas of photography design, painting/printmaking, drawing, and sculpture. Students are invited to participate in the following exhibitions and events:

  • The Congressional Art Competition
  • Pace Academy Photography Competition
  • Georgia High School Drawing Competition
  • Empty Bowls Charity Events, Family Advancement Ministries
  • Woodruff Arts Center Competition
  • Celebration of the Arts