Upper School


We emphasize the importance of academic excellence as one of the essential principles of a Mercy education along with compassion, service, justice, global awareness, and the dignity of each human being. Our faculty has the freedom to create a challenging curriculum that centers on five key indicators of highly engaging and relevant instruction:

  1. Active and collaborative learning
  2. Enriching educational experiences
  3. Appropriate academic challenges
  4. Supportive campus environment
  5. Interaction between faculty and students

Faculty work in grade level teams to plan interdisciplinary study, integrate essential 21st century skills, distribute writing and creative projects across core courses, and support students to work up to their highest potential.

Essential 21st Century Skills

名门棋牌Four skills have emerged as essential to prepare students for the challenges of life in the new millennium: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. We design each Upper School course – whether our bedrock core curriculum or rigorous Advancement Placement courses – so that students master content while also honing these skills. We use assessment results from the preliminary ACT (ASPIRE) and PSAT to adjust our curriculum and shape the Upper School academic experience to meet the needs of students.

Innovative Strategies

Robust and progressive use of technology enhances the Upper School experience. Upon enrollment, each student receives an iPad for personal use throughout the academic year. Using iPads in the classroom gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge creatively; this technology enhances but does not replace traditional methods of instruction that continue to serve students well as they matriculate through the Upper School program. Our facilities offer state-of-the-art computer labs, virtual labs, and other interactive technologies that enhance the learning experience.


A seven-period schedule rotates each week to ensure that students have the opportunity to take courses at different points in the day within a seven-week cycle. A “flex period” occurs at the end of most regular school days to allow students time to meet with teachers individually for extra assistance.


Mount de Sales offers a rigorous college preparatory program with extensive honors and Advanced Placement courses in most subject areas. A broad range of elective courses across the curriculum enhances course offerings in eight academic areas: English, mathematics, world languages, social studies, theology, science, fine arts, and technology. Students can earn college credit through dual enrollment courses. Mount de Sales partners with Georgia Tech and Wesleyan College in dual enrollment.

  • Poised



    Discover [dis-'k-vr] v.

    Find unexpectedly or during a search.

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  • Challenged



    Innovate ['i-n-vāt] v.

    Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas.

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  • Motivated



    Serve ['srv] v.

    Perform duties or services for another person.

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