Middle School


The middle school experience at Mount de Sales is filled with wonder, energy, affirming relationships, and skill mastery. Rigorous academic standards and attention to individual needs thoroughly prepares students for the challenging college preparatory curriculum in our upper school.

Our philosophy incorporates the eight essential principles for excellent middle school education as described by the Carnegie Council of Adolescent Development:

  1. Creation of smaller communities of learning for sustained individual attention.
  2. Teaching a core of common knowledge in ways that foster curiosity, problem solving, and critical thinking.
  3. Utilizing cooperative learning and other techniques suitable for this developmental phase to ensure success for all students.
  4. Giving major decision making responsibility to teachers and principals.
  5. Hiring faculty with expertise at teaching young adolescents.
  6. Linking the education and health of young adolescents throughout the curriculum and the activities of the school.
  7. Creating alliances between families and school staff through mutual respect, trust, and communication.
  8. Sustaining school and community partnerships in educating young adolescents.

In the Mount de Sales Middle School, a climate of community and mutual respect nurtures students through these transitory years, encourages independent thinking as it teaches them to live within boundaries, and allows students to reach their potential as they discover a sense of self and others.

Academic Courses名门棋牌mds-academics-middle-school

We offer core courses in language arts, math, science, social studies, theology, and physical education. Our middle school students can ignite their creativity with art, music, and theater classes, explore a foreign language, develop keyboarding skills, design and create STEM projects, or develop their leadership and communication skills.

Middle School students also have the opportunity to earn high school credit. Eighth Grade students will take a Level I world language course in Latin, Spanish, or French. They will begin high school at Level II in that language. Students may also earn high school credit by taking Algebra I Honors and Geometry Honors in the eighth grade.

  • Poised



    Discover [dis-'k-vr] v.

    Find unexpectedly or during a search.

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  • Challenged



    Innovate ['i-n-vāt] v.

    Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas.

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  • Motivated



    Serve ['srv] v.

    Perform duties or services for another person.

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